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The experiences of the Green Club at Madison West High School in Madison, Wisconsin as we green our school and community. Join us on our journey to sustainability!

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Green Energy Competition: Day 1-3 Results

Today marked the end of the 2013 Green Energy Competition between two major rival schools in Madison, Wisconsin – West High and Memorial. I will post the final results of the competition over the weekend as we find out more information. After winning the first three days of the competition, the Madison West Green Club is incredibly excited to learn how we did on Day 4 and overall!

Yesterday was yet another successful day of the Green Energy Competition! We maintained a 15% reduction in West High’s total energy consumption. Over merely three days, we – collectively as a school – saved nearly 2,000 kilowatt-hours of energy, more than what two average households consume in a month!! The energy data was measured throughout the competition by a meter that the McKinstry company/People.Power.Planet initiative installed at West last year. Click here for more information about the units with which we measured energy consumption.

I’m so impressed by the amount of enthusiasm that our club members, student body, and staff displayed throughout the event. Everyone’s energy (sorry, bad pun) and how devotedly everyone united to meet a common goal was absolutely amazing to witness!

Madison West Green Club

Madison West Green Club

So, here are the data for the first three days of the Competition (they do not include today’s results). I will post the overall energy conservation (of both West and Memorial) as soon as I get the information this weekend!

WEST (02/14):

February 14, 2013 (7am-5pm) February 16, 2012 (7am-5pm) Difference % Change from baseline
3,251.02 kWh 3,808.88 kWh -557.86 kWh 14.6%

MEMORIAL (02/14):

February 14, 2013 (7am-5pm) February 16, 2012 (7am-5pm) Difference % Change from baseline
4,431.08 kWh 4,797.27 kWh -366.19 kWh 7.6%

OVERALL WEST (02/12 – 02/14):

Electricity Use 2013 (7am-5pm) Electricity Use 2012 (7am-5pm) Difference % Change from baseline
9588.65 kWh 11,413.09 kWh 1,824.44 kWh 16.0%

OVERALL MEMORIAL (02/12 – 02/14):

Electricity Use 2013 (7am-5pm) Electricity Use 2012 (7am-5pm) Difference %Change from baseline
13,244.55 kWh 14,244.81 kWh 1,000.26 kWh 7.0%

Thank you again to everyone who made the Green Energy Competition possible – teachers, students, pledgers, custodial/maintenance staff, and more – and James Madison Memorial for working with us to inspire energy conservation in our schools! Hopefully, the event has energized everyone involved to be more conscious about their actions and their energy expenditure and helped everyone realize that change really does begin with the individual!


Amy Hua


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Happy holidays! Check out the snow on our blog!

Even though we’re in Wisconsin and it’s already December, we’re experiencing unusually warm weather. A lot of people are hoping fervently for snow, but with all these erratic weather patterns around the world (hmm…could it possibly have something to do with global warming?!), we’ll just have to see…

Amy Hua

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9/21 Meeting Summary

We had an excellent and productive second meeting. There were many returnees from last week – hurrah! Please be sure to continue attending meetings; the more you come, the more we get done, and the more fun it is for everyone!

9/21 Agenda

1) Finished Mission Statement work

  • “The Madison West Green Club aims to green our school, our local community, and ourselves.”
  • It’s hard to finalize mission statements; we’ll probably keep playing with this for the next few weeks.

2) Introduced the Committees (Recycling, Outreach, Composting, and Bike Mile Challenge)

3) Broke off into Committees and met as groups


  • Discussed how we can get bins for the LMC – UW SWAP Program?
  • Discussed West recycling rumor (that items in recycling bins are going into the garbage)
    • EDIT: The rumor that West High doesn’t recycle anymore due to budget cuts has been debunked officially! West has NOT terminated its recycling policy, and will continue to separate waste and recycled materials. However, when Green Club examined West’s trash vs. recycling bin content, we did notice an alarming amount of non-recyclable materials in the recycling bin. (For example, Hallie noticed that in many recycling bins, people had placed non-empty soda bottles; the soda ended up spilling into the bin and, thus, prevented the entire recycling sample from being recycled.) We urge all to recycle responsibly!
  • Created list of items that we want to recycle (batteries, cell phones, ink cartridges, newspaper, pens/pencils, newspapers)
  • Decided to make “what we can recycle” and “what we can’t recycle” lists for school recycling bins


  • Discussed visiting local elementary and middle school after school programs and working with their green clubs (if they have one) or helping set up one
  • Created list of ideas to help young students with their respective People.Power.Planet (and other green) projects


  • The compost group is working on research to get this project up and running. The following projects were assigned to people: compost bin price and MMSD policies on composting.

Bike Mile Challenge

  • Discussed methods to improve project logistics (such as waterproof numbered bike stickers to more easily and efficiently track Bike Mile Challenge participants)

Projected 9/28 Agenda:

  • Talk about group contributions/communication
  • Committees report on work done
  • Committee work


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Taking Action!

The quest to increase environmental awareness is more important than ever. Global temperatures are rising, populations are increasing, waste is accumulating, and we’re still drilling for oil and mining for coal. Our selfish practices are unethical, and our planet is suffering as a result.

Okay, enough negativity! What can we do about this? TAKE ACTION! We can’t talk the talk and not walk the walk.

A group of students at Madison West High School share a common goal: to green our ancient and inefficient building while raising awareness and increasing green activism within our school and local communities. Previous projects include electronic recycling drives, raising awareness about our school’s energy consumption, bike mile challenges, putting up a live meter to gauge energy consumption, and a “Green Week” event – during which we asked teachers to use half lights, pull up the blinds, and turn off technology when not in use (including SmartBoards and computers). In four days, our school ended up saving $400 in energy costs and reduced its energy consumption by over 10 percent! We have plenty of plans for next year; they’ll get posted soon. 🙂

The Madison West High Green Club has created this blog to promote environmental awareness within our community and to let everyone know what we’re up to. Check back often for more updates! Feel free to email us at with questions and feedback!

Madison West High Green Club