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The experiences of the Green Club at Madison West High School in Madison, Wisconsin as we green our school and community. Join us on our journey to sustainability!


As you can see by the countdown on the left hand sidebar, there will be an ELECTRONIC RECYCLING DRIVE this SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 2013 from 8AM-1PM. This event will take place at the MADISON WEST HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER’S PARKING LOT located at the intersection of VAN HISE AVE and HIGHLAND.

As a rule of thumb, we will accept ANYTHING WITH A PLUG THAT ACCEPTS BATTERIES UNDER 75 LBS. If you have questions, feel free to send an email to mwhgreenclub@gmail.comPlease note that computers will be accepted at no additional cost and we will offer a certification of hard drive destruction.

This fundraiser is a huge deal because we’re trying to raise money for a school green house! We’re asking for a suggested minimum donation of $10. Note that there is a mandatory fee of $15 for small TVs and $30 for large TVs. Last year, we managed to prevent over 2 tons of electronic waste from going into landfills. Let’s make it 5 tons this year!

Below is a list of accepted items. Please send an email to if you have an item that you’re concerned will not be accepted.

  • Computers

  • Laptops

  • Printers (desktop only)

  • Servers

  • Cables & cable boxes

  • Computer peripherals

  • Computer parts

  • Cash registers

  • Cellular phones

  • Computer peripherals

  • All computer parts

  • Christmas lights

  • Copiers

  • Cords

  • CRT monitors

  • DVD players

  • External drives (all types)

  • Fax machines & scanners

  • Keyboards

  • LCD monitors

  • Mice & pointing devices

  • MP3 players & iPods, etc.

  • Networking equipment

  • PDAs

  • Printer & toner cartridges

  • Projectors

  • Satellite dishes

  • Stereos

  • Typewriters

  • UPS units (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

  • VCRs

  • Video game consoles

  • Microwaves
  • Ink Cartridges
  • BatteriesWe are able to recycle TVs up to 75 pounds with a mandatory fee.
  •    Small TVs – 0 – 24 pounds:  $15
  •     Large TVs – 25 – 75 pounds:  $30
    We cannot accept Console TVs__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Q. Will our electronic waste be shipped overseas?

A. Nope! Everything will be recycled within the United States.

Q. How will my computer data be destroyed?

A. All hard drives are physically shredded.

Q. Items are recycled to R2 e-Stewards standards.  What does that mean?

A. We work with a company that recycles hard drives to these environmental standards. The e-Stewards certification shows that a company prevents the toxic materials in electronics from continuing to cause long-term harm to human health and the environment, particularly in countries with developing economies. R2 certifications ensure that recyclers adhere to stringent environmental health, safety and security requirements.

Q. Why should we recycle our electronic devices?

A. In the USA, between 300 million and 400 million electronic items become obsolete each year, but sadly, only 20% of that e-waste is recycled. Let’s make the 20% grow larger! Come RECYCLE YOUR OLD


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