Madison West Green Club

The experiences of the Green Club at Madison West High School in Madison, Wisconsin as we green our school and community. Join us on our journey to sustainability!

Current Projects


The Madison West Green Club takes part in the People.Power.Planet initiative and aims to reduce energy consumption within our school community.

The “Green Energy Competition” between West High School and James Madison Memorial High School started on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 and will end on Friday, February 15th, 2013. Click here for all posts related to the Green Energy Competition.



THESE COME FROM TREES Stickers: Club member Eli Fessler ordered stickers online, and they were placed on all of the new paper towel dispensers to act as reminders to waste less paper.

ELECTRONIC RECYCING DRIVE: Madison West Green Club held its first electronic recycling drive April 2012 and had a huge success. We collected several tons of e-waste, and the club made $1,000! We are planning another drive for April or May 2013. More information will be announced as this date nears.

Click here for all posts related to our recycling projects.



Check back soon!

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