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Launch of TerraCycle Program

Green Club just launched its TerraCycle waste distribution program in the past few weeks! Even while exposure to the program is only developing, considerable quantities of waste materials have been collected. Each month, we’ll update the blog with the quantities collected for the various TerraCycle tracks (each track represents a different brand of products’ packages that we collect and ship to TerraCycle).

(TerraCycle is a company that collects recyclable waste packages and materials and integrates them into their various products. Periodically, we ship packages containing these waste materials, like wrappers or bottles, to the TerraCycle headquarters in Trenton, New Jersey).

Tracks Signed Up For:

Scotch Tape
MOM Cereal
Lärabar/Cascadian Farm
Bear Naked
Honest Kids
Entenmann’s Little Bites
GoGo Squeez
Writing Instruments (currently on waiting list)
Capri Sun
Clif Bar (currently on waiting list)
Sensible Portions/Garden of Eatin’/Terra Chips (currently on waiting list)
Tom’s of Maine

Quantity Collected:

Scotch Tape – 0

MOM Cereal – 0

Lärabar/Cascadian Farm – 4

Bear Naked – 0

Colgate – 0

Honest Kids – 0

Entenmann’s Little Bites – 0

GoGo Squeez – 0

Writing Instruments – 0

Capri Sun – 0

Clif Bar – 14

Sensible Portions/Gardin of Eatin’/Terra Chips – 2

Total – 20 Items (20 TerraCycle points)