Madison West Green Club

The experiences of the Green Club at Madison West High School in Madison, Wisconsin as we green our school and community. Join us on our journey to sustainability!

4/26 Meeting Summary

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1) Electronic Recycling Drive last Saturday was a success! We raised $645 and collected 1 ton of ewaste! These funds will be a major help for the greenhouse project. The Madison West High Green Club would like to extend a HUGE THANKS to St. Vincent DePaul and Marianne Gariti for all the help. Our recycling drive wouldn’t have been such a success without them!

2) We started researching the GREENHOUSE!!! We discussed potential locations, took measurements, researched various greenhouses (we’re debating between a DIY or an assembly), and thought about how we were going to hook up a rain barrel to the whole setup. We want this to be 100% self sustainable.

This is SO exciting. It should be really fun to start the greenhouse project. My middle school had a garden and it was incredible to watch it bring together not only the school community, but also the neighborhood community. One major objective with the green house is that it generates enough vegetables to supply a family of 4 – we want the knowledge of conservation/how we’re planting everything to be accessible and well known to the school community. After all, not only are we working to conserve our resources, but educate others while we’re doing it! We’ll keep posting with updates and pictures!



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