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The experiences of the Green Club at Madison West High School in Madison, Wisconsin as we green our school and community. Join us on our journey to sustainability!

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No Meeting on 12/21!

There unfortunately will be no Green Club meeting tomorrow. Amy and I wanted to bring everyone cookies, but since school is cancelled, we’ll bring them to our next meeting – both to celebrate our 2012 accomplishments and plans for 2013.

Happy to say that the snow on our blog is happening outside the window as I write this, but the weather is definitely frightful – we all need to be aware of our actions and how they are impacting our environment. According to NPR, household waste increases by 40 percent during the holidays; I’m definitely keeping that in mind with all of the festivities I take part in, and pass it along to others! There are plenty of ways to celebrate greenly 😉

Happy holidays and enjoy the snow! We can’t wait for 2013! We’re going to start the year off with a bang – first week back, we plan to launch the LMC recycling center, and then we’re off to an energy showdown with Memorial High School (we all know who is going to win: WEST!).

Stay warm, and see you in the new year. Feel free to email Amy or myself with questions, comments, or ideas for the new year!

Sevahn Vorperian

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Happy holidays! Check out the snow on our blog!

Even though we’re in Wisconsin and it’s already December, we’re experiencing unusually warm weather. A lot of people are hoping fervently for snow, but with all these erratic weather patterns around the world (hmm…could it possibly have something to do with global warming?!), we’ll just have to see…

Amy Hua

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11/30 Meeting Summary

We had a Green Club meeting after a string of no school days. It felt great to get back to business!

We took a break from project planning to work with our local branch of Citizens Climate Lobby, an organization dedicated to promoting legislation on environmentalism, by motivating our legislators to act on climate change.

We wrote a total of eleven letters to our newly elected Senator Tammy Baldwin, encouraging her to make legislation on climate change one of her top priorities. Mr. Grady discussed the proposed carbon tax, and many members asked Tammy to consider its implementation and help generate publicity on it. We also wrote about what global warming means to us personally and why we care, and we learned about how climate change has affected our local area.

Meanwhile, some of our club members worked on procuring “Remember…These Come from Trees” stickers for the new paper towel dispensers West High School implemented. (Thanks, Eli, for taking the initiative!) Green Club hopes to fundraise enough to get hand dryers for the school, a green alternative to using paper products. More updates to come on this project!


“These Come from Trees” stickers on paper towel dispensers at West High School.


Amy Hua