Madison West Green Club

The experiences of the Green Club at Madison West High School in Madison, Wisconsin as we green our school and community. Join us on our journey to sustainability!


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Just wanted to announce that there will be a pen/pencil addition to the LMC recycling center soon, so start saving and collecting your retired pencils and dead pens (there will be announcements, posters, and posts on this blog when it’s officially started)! Here’s a picture of what I’ve collected in the past two weeks:

To-be-recycled pens!

To-be-recycled pens!

Things got so crazy on my end that I haven’t found time to post meeting notes from the last few meetings. I promise to resume posting summaries starting this Friday.

Feel free to send me or Amy an email if you have ideas or questions!

Sevahn Vorperian


Author: kayaneh

nanoparticle princess. engineer/scientist-in-training. rower. honey badger worshipper.

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